What makes Austin Breast Imaging different?

When it comes to standing out of the crowd, Austin Breast Imaging is one that outshines in the healthcare imaging field. Solely focused on breast health, Dr. Erin Winston and Dr. Jeri Sue Plaxco have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of patients in the Central Texas area with staying diligent on their path to health.

Our North Austin stand-alone facility is a refreshing and relaxing space that feels both comfortable and inviting. Bringing you into a boutique spa-like ambiance, you are greeted warmly and brought to your changing room. With a soft and warm robe, our experienced techs will take you back for your imaging. We are excited to say that we are currently working on our second location in South Austin off William Cannon Drive. We are hoping to open this location in late Spring of 2020! This facility will also represent our standards and the overall feel that we currently have at our North Austin location. 

We use cutting-edge technology and deliver the most compassionate care to get you accurate results you can trust. Your peace of mind is our mission!

  • 3D Mammography is standard at our centers and offered by the physicians who pioneered the testing of this breakthrough technology.
  • We are 100% dedicated to interpreting breast imaging exams.
  • Our physicians perform all breast ultrasound exams and deliver diagnostic results directly to patients.
  • We offer minimal waiting time between screening and diagnostic mammogram results.  

Expert Breast Imaging Radiologists

Our dedicated breast radiologists are Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology. Rose Imaging Specialists are the leaders in 3D mammography with recent publications in the Journal of American Medical Association, American Journal of Roentgenology and Academic Radiology.

If you have any questions, please call us at 512-776-1000! We are excited to be apart of your breast health journey!