Patient Testimonial for Austin Breast Imaging

I’m so glad I chose to go here for my imaging! I’m high risk with a mother who died of breast cancer and I have a lot of fear around getting my yearly screening. Austin Breast Specialists made this experience so much less stressful for me. They are compassionate, informative, and patient and their facilities are relaxing and comfortable. After having such an excellent experience here, I will probably never go anywhere else. I also don’t have insurance and they are great about letting you know how much everything will cost in advance. I thought it was extremely reasonable in comparison to other clinics. If you have any fear of screening like I do, this is the place to go!”


I highly suggest Austin Breast Imaging. I will never go anywhere else for my breast imaging (if possible). The staff, technicians and Drs treated me like family from start to finish and explained each procedure (from Mammograms, with and without contrast, ultrasounds and finally biopsies). I had been to 3 prior facilities and left with UNKNOWN RESULTS and/or no suggestions as to what my issue was. Within 5 minutes of my 1st exam by Dr Erin Winston, I was on my to getting answers.”


Thank you so much. I was so nervous after a bad experience at another location. Misty was amazing, and both Misty and Anna put me at ease. The office is also decorated so beautifully and helps to keep calm and not feel like a sterile cold hospital environment. All staff are friendly, professional, caring, and communicative. This will all make next year’s appointment not stressful for me. Thank you!

John Doe

My experience at ABI was unlike any other imaging experience I have ever had. I am an oncology rehab therapist and therefore have had a lot of experience with imaging centers both personally and professionally. The center is beautiful with a spa-like atmosphere. Getting a mammogram can be extremely stressful. However, the environment at ABI was calming and I truly felt taken care of. The staff is kind, empathetic and highly skilled. The radiologist Dr. Winston reviewed my imaging while I was there and came out and spoke with me personally about the image findings. She took her time answering all of my question. To have your results given to you while you wait, immediately after your mammogram is rare and incredible. I cannot say enough about the quality of care and service I received at ABI. I will never get imaging anywhere else and will tell all of my patients about this wonderful center.”


First of all, this place looks like you are walking into a really nice spa. You forget why you are there, as the ambiance is calming and peaceful. The staff is courteous, professional, and prompt, and were happy to answer any questions. They even have sparkling water and light bites to nibble on as you wait in the chandelier filled waiting area. Truly a delight! All medical facilities should take a page out of their book!”


I chose this center, since it is one of the few places in Austin have that currently have a 3-D imaging machine. Mammograms are generally an uncomfortable and stressful you-only-do-it-cuz-you-gotta type of thing, but this place made me comfortable from the first moment. Each person that I dealt with, is just the right combo of professional and warm – not so abrupt and brisk that you feel like they don’t care and not so warm that they are gushing all over you. The lobby looks more like a boutique hotel than a breast imaging office. Once you are checked in, they whisk you into changing rooms where you not only don the usual pink-front-opening-vest/gown-thingies, but also the plushest robe I’ve ever had on. Then you get to relax in the interior waiting room, with soothing zen music playing, cookies & biscotti on the table, huge banquette couches, flavor-infused waters, all wrapped up in a room the color of a Tiffany box. The place is only missing ocean breezes! I was so relaxed when I was waiting for the tech that I was a little bummed when she came and got me for the procedure. Although there’s nothing to be done about the fact that getting a mammogram involves some boob yoga and some uncomfortable/vulnerable positions, Lisa was the best tech, never tugging and pushy. The equipment was really something else – the imaging process was faster, and it was cool to see the moving scans pop up immediately on the screen. There are imaging facilities that are much closer to my home, but I will definitely opt to return here, even after closer facilities start getting a 3-D machine. The way the patients are treated was just top-notch!


As a breast cancer survivor for over 5 years,  getting a mammogram produces “SCANxiety.”  The medical team at AUSTIN Breast Imaging is so kind and reassuring. They allow me to wait for my results  (usually no more than 20 minutes) instead of waiting days for results.  The atmosphere is positive and lovely with personal attention. I never feel like a number. Thank you ABI!”


Best mamo experience ever. Everyone at ABI is kind and caring. And the relaxing ambiance makes you feel like you’re in a spa. I had a 3D mamo and ultrasound done here because of an inconclusive 2D mamo a couple of years ago. Now I go here routinely for my yearly because insurance only covers one mamo per year and I prefer the 3D one. Not only does it avoid a potential need for a second mamo because of inconclusiveness, but a 3D mamo is a much better test. And it is very affordable at ABI. If you don’t have insurance, or like me, have HSA that charges more than what it would cost without insurance, this place is for you. Around $250 for a 3D mamo without insurance. (For the record, if I used my BCBS HSA, it would have cost me $470). Their affordability is due to the fact that this place cares about people and so they make their services affordable when they can to help those who may not have insurance. Great place for this reason alone. But then you add their pleasant staff, great doctors, better testing (3D), and a spa-like waiting area, and it is a no-brainer for any and all breast examinations. I highly recommend this place!


I was impressed by the efficiency, professionalism, and thoroughness of my exam. I had an answer before I left and felt confident that I received the best care. My time was not wasted and I appreciated the respect that I was given.”


This is my third year of getting my mammogram done here and I cannot say enough about the care and quality of this practice. The staff is all friendly, professional and efficient and they have implemented procedures during the coronavirus mess that we are in currently to make you feel very safe and secure.

Lisa Performed my mammogram and it was very comfortable and pain-free. The office is beautifully appointed and I was in an out in about 10 minutes. I will always have my testing done here.”