Referring Physicians

Specialization. Experience. Accuracy. Quality reporting.

These are the things referring physicians look for in a trusted imaging provider and Austin Breast Imaging delivers.

We do things differently from the other radiology providers you may have worked with in the past.

Radiologists practice on-site at each of our two Austin locations. Our doctors directly supervise diagnostic mammography and ultrasound exams, consult with patients to provide real-time exam results, and can assist you with managing the continuum of care when there is a malignant diagnosis.

Results from diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds are delivered to you and your patients without delay. This can help ensure patients get the timely care they need without having to endure multiple visits, and can reduce time-to-treatment by as much as 50% or more.
Our specialized radiology team has the knowledge and depth to solve any diagnostic challenge related to women’s imaging. And we are always available to consult with you, provide recommendations and answer any questions.

In short, we are the kind of women’s imaging center that you would feel confident recommending to your friends and family.

For more information, or to refer a patient, please call: 512-776-1000