About Us

It is our goal to make your short stay with us as pleasant as possible, and our caring staff reflects this commitment at every step of the process. If you seek the best care possible, the most advanced imaging technologies, and the most highly specialized doctors, then you’ll want to take a closer look at Austin Breast Imaging.

specialized women's imaging

100% Specialized in Women’s Imaging

100% specialized in women’s imaging means we aren’t like other centers that provide x-rays, CT scans and other tests for every patient and every health condition. Our sole focus is providing high quality breast imaging, biopsy and bone scans to women in the Austin, Texas area. Women of ALL risk categories gain the confidence of knowing that they are receiving the highest quality care.

Advanced Technology

The specialists at Austin Breast Imaging are true pioneers in women’s imaging. Our practice has the most extensive experience in Texas with advanced 3D mammography, for greater accuracy and fewer call backs.

We offer a contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM) program, the cost-effective alternative to breast MRI for high risk screening and cancer disease extent evaluation.

We perform hand-held ultrasound for dense breast screening—directly supervised and performed by our radiologists. This provides women with dense breasts a more complete exam (with same day results) and avoids the callbacks associated with automated whole breast ultrasound screenings.

Research and Development

We are actively involved in the research and development of cutting-edge
technologies, working with manufacturers like Hologic and Philips. In fact, we helped Hologic to design the new SmartCurve paddle for a more comfortable patient experience without compromising image quality.

The best part is that this quality and expertise is delivered with unprecedented comfort, convenience, and a level of patient-centric service uncommon in health care today. You’ve heard the expression “quality over quantity.” Nowhere is this more true than with women’s imaging.

research and development

You should expect more from your mammography provider,
and with Austin Breast Imaging, you can.