As pioneers in breast health, Austin Breast Imaging is dedicated to the advancement of breast imaging techniques and committed to bringing these innovations to women in Austin.

✅ We were the first to offer 3D Mammography in Austin, which is now the gold standard for breast screening.

✅ Our Contrast Enhanced Mammography program is one of the most important comprehensive in the United States, and is a cost-effective alternative to breast MRI for high-risk screening and beyond. We are the only program in Austin currently offering this.

✅ Last week, we are the first in Texas to offer the option of Contrast Enhanced Mammography-Guided Biopsy! which will further help women achieve the earliest possible results, avoid additional costly MRI exams, and obtain the best possible outcomes!

Typically, when a breast imaging specialist sees an area of focal enhancement on a previous contrast mammogram (no mass, but an area of question) without ultrasound correlate or when there is a specific finding that is occult on other modalities, women are scheduled for a challenging MRI guided biopsy or a 6-month follow-up appointment.

Both options may be costly and can cause undue anxiety.

In response to this, we are excited to begin offering Contrast Enhanced Mammography-Guided Biopsy, a combined procedure where our mammography technologist and radiologist deploy an iodine-based contrast (similar to CT), they image the breast, and the area ofconcern is seen in a three-dimensional space with enhancement, where they perform same day biopsy using the same mammography unit. This unique and ground breaking technology, along with our innovative physician and mammography technician combination, gives us the ability to biopsy what was once an area of concern and up until this time could not be found with other imaging modalities.

We are committed to giving women accurate and timely results about their breast health and the peace of mind they deserve.

At Austin Breast Imaging, in partnership with Rose Imaging Specialists, we bring the best in breast imaging from #BenchToBedside. Our sole focus is breast and that’s why we are the best.