Healthy Eating helps with our Breast Health

In this day and age, we all try to be the best that we can inside and out. But did you know that some foods that we consume can help with our breast health? Austin Breast Imaging in Austin, Texas wants to help you be more aware of the benefits of food and health. No single food or diet can prevent or cause breast cancer, but dietary choices can make a difference to our risk of developing breast cancer or our overall well-being while living with the condition.

Breast cancer is a complex disease with many contributing factors. Some of these factors, including age, family history, genetics, and gender, are not within a person’s control.

However, a person can control other factors, such as smoking, physical activity levels, body weight, and diet. Some researchers have suggested that dietary factors could be responsible for 30–40% of all cancers.

Foods to eat:

Fresh fruits and vegetables may help prevent breast cancer.

Breast cancer can start in different places, grow in different ways, and require different kinds of treatment. Just as particular types of cancer respond better to certain treatments, some cancers respond well to specific foods.

The following foods can play a role in a healthful diet in general, and they may also help prevent the development or progression of breast cancer:

  • a variety of fruits and vegetables, including salad
  • foods that are rich in fiber, such as whole grains, beans, and legumes
  • low-fat milk and dairy products
  • soybean-based products
  • foods rich in vitamin D and other vitamins
  • foods, particularly spices, with anti-inflammatory properties
  • foods — mainly plant-based — that contain antioxidants

Dietary patterns that prioritize these foods include:

A southern diet that is high in cooked greens, legumes, and sweet potatoes
A Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fresh fruits and vegetables and healthful oils
Any “prudent” diet that contains plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and fish

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