Where you choose to have your mammogram

Not all mammograms are the same. There are differences in both the equipment used to obtain the images, as well as the expertise and training of the doctors who read and interpret them.

Austin Breast Imaging is the region’s most advanced women’s imaging center and a pioneer in mammographic techniques that are simply not offered at other imaging centers. We are 100% specialized in women’s imaging, which affords you many advantages when you exercise your right to choose your own mammography provider.


Dedicated Women’s Imaging

Women’s imaging is not only our specialty, it’s our sole focus. We believe this dedicated approach gives patients and their doctors a unique perspective and an added measure of diagnostic confidence.

We have a reputation for excellence in patient care, and that includes a friendly and helpful staff who will always respect your time and protect your privacy.

State-Of-The-Art Centers

Our outpatient centers are refreshing and relaxing spaces that feel both comfortable and inviting. We also offer minimal waiting time for screening and diagnostic mammogram results. Your peace of mind is our mission.

Am I at high risk
for breast cancer?

Austin Breast Imaging offers contrast enhanced mammograms (CEM) as an alternative to breast MRI for high risk women, as well as whole breast ultrasound screening for women with dense breast tissue.

Patient Testimonials


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